Had a quick play with lightweight instances, but couldn't get any multi-component BP to convert over. Hoping this comes in fairly soon as it's absolutely perfect for a lot of my spawned actors.

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#PLAYExpoBlackpool on Friday! I am excite!

I'm taking a build of my new Amiga game, but I'm utterly drained this week so it will be ... less than I'd hoped. Still, it's something :)

Come find me, I'll be the one in the Turbo Tomato shirt 😎🍅💨

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TIL that Action RPG has a loading screen module. So now Maenhîr does, as well. None of your UMG over a streaming level guff, this is a proper async Slate doobry. Tidy.

Bit hard to test in editor, but it’s showing up on the deck. Should get me over a TCR.

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Have completely fallen in love with Auto Shenanigans’ secrets of the motorway: youtu.be/KiuH4SA9bWc

Loads to choose from, and each is a bite of pure road nerdery.

Changed the game flow so I can hide scalability benchmarking behind the company logo animated splashes and it's kinda funky!

TIL how to extend and save custom user settings and do 4k fullscreen video playback. Quite pleased with that.

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Still got the covid grogs, but I'm gonna try and do something productive today.

This might not last long...

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Really enjoyed this week’s 2000AD. Brainz!

Manged to record a mix. Could do with a nap now.

Starting to feel vaguely useful today. Did a couple of hours hobby coding to test the waters and yeah, it’s gonna be a while before I’m full speed again. Brain fog is real. :(

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I’d add an option so viewers can force a spin back/rewind, but otherwise this is perfect :D


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Laughing this hard with covid is also not advised. I might fucking die.

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Bought Trombone Champ. So far I haven't got to the end of a song because I'm laughing so fucking much. Actual tears.

Only way this could be improved is if it was built into Zoom.

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Stop what you're doing!

Go and find someone playing Trombone Champ, on the interwebs. I promise you won't regret it.

Damn. Yesterday kicked my arse! Fatigue like I’ve never experienced before. Hot spells. Freezing spells. Out of breath randomly.

Slept through as much as I could, and feel less achey this morning, which I’m taking as a good sign.

If this is the mild version, fuck…

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