Early doors, but Star Trek Strange New Worlds is an actual proper “story a week”, feel good Star Trek!

First two episodes were a good start.

It’s head and shoulders better than hugging Q.

@k what “channel” is that on? Not heard of it but intrigued

@dwlt (just googled) apparently Paramount+ when it launches in the UK. Sometime in June?

@k Aha, great another monthly subscription. Might sign up for one month and binge it!

@dwlt I don’t think Paramount have anywhere near enough to convince me to sub.

@k as much as I enjoyed Rugrats back in the day, suspect you are correct.

@k I'm enjoying my time with it so far and really enjoying the celebration of esoteric TOS story beats. I like the other modern Trek well enough, but this one is definitely standing out so far.

@voltur I hated Discovery and Picard has been all over the shop, but yeah this feels a lot more like it.

@k Star Trek right now is an embarrassment of riches, like we can dislike multiple series and still have multiple things we like. Amazing.

One thing I'd like, that's not really on the table is more episodes per season, even if it meant reducing the number of shows in development at one time.

Someone pointed out that having only a 10 episode order for SNW means we're less likely to dive into some of the more experimental sci-fi from the old seasons that had 20+ episodes. I kind of liked the psychedelic stuff that popped up every now and then.

@voltur yeah that’s a good point. It’s bound to be more risk averse.

Picard S3 is supposed to be the last. Looking forward to the rest of TNG getting their outing.

@k agreed: „It‘s just like - The Orville!“ 🤭

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