Had a row, done some yoga, updated various servers, upgraded Masto, Nextcloud & Perforce and I AM DONE.


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@k I'm finding the latest nextcloud is running much smoother. Although in typical nextcloud fashion its killed some apps. The backup app was pushed heavily as a "1st party" feature on 23, its broken on 24 😂 . Perhaps they are focusing on making their encryption plugin work....

@Amiga1200Gamer tbh I really only use the calendar. I did notice that the web interface was a lot smoother.

@k i find it good for notes and News rss feeds. some nice android apps for those features.

I initially set it up looking at business possibilities, setting up customers on more GDPR/self hosted solutions. All i learned was its a: not ready for the average business (too many support issues) and b: customers still wont pay to move off Microsoft/Gmail etc.

Its a nice toy for me though, got a nice lifetime deal at $129 hosted. had it 6 months, if they go bust tomorrow its paid for itself.

@Amiga1200Gamer I set it up so my SO and I can have our stuff self-hosted, works a treat for that. Shared Calendar and Notes make life a lot easier :)

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