Gonna spend the rest of my life hoping that I grow up to give as few fucks as Mick Lynch.

Get some of that in the Labour PLP and I'll leave the Greens and re-join.

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@k I was just watching some videos of him, I like him. purely for the 'stop being a fuck wit' attitude to fuck wits being fuck wits

one reporter I saw said 'he was getting flustered by my questions'. I watched that video & I saw a person not flustered, dealing with delays on the video chat & repeating why they are doing this to a person who I feel didnt ask the correct questions instead

@lorenlepton if that's the Kay Burley one, then yeah. She ended up looking a tit. Like, wtf did she think a picket line was?!

Lesson to be learned with all this. Just shut the fuck up, let them spout drivel, and then come back with some short, clear facts.

(I've just binge watched his clips over coffee :D)

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