Don't be fooled by the trug, that's sixteen shop-sized (paper) bags of potatoes we've just harvested and put in a cool, dark place. Enough for the next three months at least.

Replanted with 10x Bulls Blood, 10x beetroot, 10x Mizuna, 10x turnips and 10x lettuces. Also planted 10x peas and 10x brussel sprouts in pots for when we free up space. 😂 #gardening


@andy we're so gonna make ourselves some veg plots like that when we move. Yours are amazing man.

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@k Cheers dude. Saves a few quid at Aldi. 😂 And do it, it's so satisfying!

@k Only strawberries so far this year. Short shelf life and I can only eat so many. 😁

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