First impressions of Wren:

It's tiny. The source drops into a project and compiles cleanly.

There wasn't an obvious example of how to load a module from a file, but it was reasonably straight-forward to work it out.

Took me a little while to grok how to setup a Wren class and call a Tick method in it, from C, once a frame, but there's not much to it.

Everything seems to be clean and does what I'd expect. Genuinely impressed to have got it going from a standing start in a few hours.

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So now all I need to do is write the glue code to expose what my my little VC provides...

@nivrig yeah, I had a flick through the examples when I was deciding if I wanted to use Wren.

@k would you pick it over other scripting languages for implementing game scripts? E.g. Lua for designers to use

@_benui too early to tell, I’d need to write a bit more of it in anger. So far I prefer it to Lua. It’s clean and theres very little syntax to learn. I’ll keep reporting back.

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