So, covid then. Other half has it now, so we’re in for the ride.

It’s nice to know that everything we did for the last few years actually worked and we ducked it. We were starting to wonder if we were both asymptomatic. And I guess it’s a plus to have some anti bodies for the winter. No idea when I’d get a booster.

It’s a weird germ. I’ve got a light sniffle, vaguely tickley cough, but serious fatigue and my bones *hurt*. Teeth. Head. Joints. Legs, just fucking aching. Which is rubbish.

Stay safe chums. Even this light version ain’t great.

Damn. Yesterday kicked my arse! Fatigue like I’ve never experienced before. Hot spells. Freezing spells. Out of breath randomly.

Slept through as much as I could, and feel less achey this morning, which I’m taking as a good sign.

If this is the mild version, fuck…

Starting to feel vaguely useful today. Did a couple of hours hobby coding to test the waters and yeah, it’s gonna be a while before I’m full speed again. Brain fog is real. :(

@andy I’ve kinda hit a level of functionality that’s useful. Less obviously tired. Dunno about fog yet. Gonna have a mix and see how the day goes.

My other half is still in the useless stage. Hit her a lot harder.

@k that sucks! Take it easy and fingers crossed is a mild one.

@k bah, hopefully symptoms aren’t too bad and you’re clear soon

@k ah fucking hell. Hope it's not too shitty.

@RobF last night was rough. Not too bad today. More nervous about the other half getting it.

@k I had it in July and felt wiped out for WEEKS. :(

@KeefJudge touch wood, I *think* I'm over the worst of it. The aches are starting to ease up.

@k Missed this, been off Masto. I think I had it in March but it was a lot milder than this! Rest is best...

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