Tempest 3000 is fucking magnificent.

And the pixels are the size of my head.

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@k One day it will be emulatable and I'll get to play it, but until then it'll remain something of a holy grail for me. No way in hell can I afford a Nuon setup.

Having both T2K and T4K on handheld devices nowadays is ace though!

@mcchessers isn't it?

I do have a Nuon, and I did see my copy of T3k this weekend as I was going through boxes, but I'm not entirely sure where the joypad is...

But yeah, I will get it set up (at some point) and do a proper video of it, cos there's not a lot that really shows it off.

Modern video encoders might stand a chance. Maybe :D

@ahchay @mcchessers @k
The Nuon & T3K?
I gave them to a local gaming place called Allgen Gaming. They got burgled and lost almost everything. Had to close down.

@PVBuk @ahchay @k 😭😭😭😭 What a tragedy!

I do hope they somehow recognized its worth and it wound up getting sold to a collector who would appreciate it, rather than just being dumped somewhere.

@PVBuk @mcchessers @k I remember the robbery - hadn't realised the Nuon was one of the things stolen.

@ahchay @mcchessers @k
Yup, they took practically everything tech. Probably filled a Transit with it all, including a dozen flat screen TVs and as many CRT ones, along with all the consoles.

@mcchessers @k
I only bought a jaguar because of T2K (and don't regret it) and would dearly love to see T3K emulated as unlikely to be able to get a nuon these days let alone afford one (quick scan of Ebay and the game is on for $800 plus postage😲 )

@k absolutely entranced by the effects on the web and lanes. Beautiful looking thing.

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