Teams is a complete piece of shit. I honestly can't understand why MS is so completely incapable of making working voice/video conferencing stuff.

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This whole semester has been a 'mare with Teams. It started off by crashing the driver on my Shure Mic, rendering it useless until a reboot, now it's just shitting itself every time I screen share.

HOOOOOW can it be this bad...

@k Even the text chat part of it is broken in so many ways.

@k Thankfully, my current client doesn't use it, but the last two did and it was so irritating.

One irritating day to day issue was no way to share video (IN 2022!!!) to share project progress, so had to upload to GDrive first, then post a link.

@KeefJudge oh man, we tried to get the students to do their mid-season presentations over it. 5 fps screen shares from the Unity editor. What a debacle...

@k my camera has started flipping into an odd retro almost 8bit colour palette where it wants to use a lot red, yellow and green.

@k drives me spare. The amount of meetings I've been late to or had to bail on because it's decided that it's not happening is ridiculous.

@RobF NHS are saddled with it, as well. They try and run everything through it which boggles my mind. How Deb copes with it, I do not know.

@k I've been using Teams to teach for a year now. This month it's suddenly stopped showing me peoples cameras for no reason.

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