I'll be honest this seems excessively critical. It's been in my experience nowhere near as buggy as _any_ Bethesda game for example.

@Vopo it’s fine. Totally playable. Seen far worse.

@k every review I’ve read has been very critical of performance, and the videos I’ve seen back that up. It’s a real shame, a proper open world Pokémon sounded great, but Game Freak seem to have blown it

@WiteWulf @k my assumption is that the game was written to be the launch title for a more powerful Switch+ that got delayed.

@k @Tanatoes could be, but look at BotW running on a WiiU. It’s practically identical to the Switch version. Neither are apparently pushing the hardware, Game Freak just don’t appear to have tried very hard.

@k aaaand yet sold like shit off a shovel & had my kid entranced all last weekend (and most of this week so far...)

@k still thinking about the breathless praise for Pocky And Rocky for doing stuff you'd learn in any 2d game tutorial.


A watershed moment for my grrr at DF. Finally, the cat fully out the bag that they make shit up.

@Rob same crew that told me down the pub after Rezzed that the Switch was technically inferior and would be a massive flop.

Yeah. Alright lads.

@k I'll take a fun game with awful tech over the opposite any day of the week. Not a fan of Pokemon but this seems to be good. Everything else is secondary.

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