Added lightning bolts!

One directional light, with a random rotation. Timeline controls the intensity and the Post Process Volume's saturation levels.

Audio's spawned in the opposite direction, delayed. The delay modulates the distance.

Works way better than I thought it would. :)

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This weeks reading. Bit of a hunt for things to sneak into the game…

Best ride of the year! Made it up and down with no breaks, first lap. Little drink break, second lap. Dead happy with that!

Animated rain drops, masked into the puddles, on a tri-planar material.

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I swear this is the most expensive joke I've done. Druid 1, Druid 2, and Warlock the Avenger.

Any similarity to the carter brothers is entirely coincidental...

Main character now has expressions!

Which, in all honesty, I don't think the player's ever going to see except in a couple of cut-scenes. But the fact the character can be running around pulling faces appeals to me greatly :D

Time Pilot level 2084...

I'm using Fluid Ninja to animate Saturn's gas in the background, which looks extremenly nice. Niagara's spitting out the rocks in the rings. They probably need a bit more work so they glint a bit more often.

As a quick test, though...

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