I've basically been an idiot, all day, but it made me make a variation of my butterflies that are a lot better, so I guess there's that... Woo

Today in I added an NPC called Mark Sizzum... The chap responsible for all the gems/ loot you find in grass, pots, rocks, etc.

Pfft subtle.

Today's : Wand projectiles light fires... and the net blows a little fart that puts them out!


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The wand projectile's in! Everything needs audio, and some tidying up, but that's a good day's .

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Decided the inventory items can be powered up. Here's the first: sword projectiles (very zelda) youtube.com/watch?v=cSMDbh6M_Q

It has been 0 days since I used GetAllChildActors instead of GetAttachedActors.

I blame Unity... :D

Yesterday's exciting task: I blocked out a whole new level.

Today: I get to dress it, and settle on the final colours.

This is kinda exciting, cos I've only got two more levels to do...

Phew. Got yesterday's vlog onto the tubes, just in time for your morning coffee... youtu.be/6vdNUEzJFoc

So far most of the character's expressions have come from the You Tube thumbnails :D

vlog landing tomorrow...

Made a tree / entrance. Ish.

Needs texturing, but it's kinda there.

Even if you don't want to use a 5m poly asset in-game, being able to bounce a sculpt straight into UE5 just to see how it's looking, is *super* fucking nice.

Made a bunch of roots and placed them around the map, and I'm super happy with how this whole area has ended up.

Virtual shadow maps in UE5 are fucking spectacular. The way you can go from really soft to pin sharp is so far ahead of anything I've ever used before.

I might have to get shadow reference :D

Didn’t get a megagrant! As expected, but worth a punt.

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