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Raiding Yak's palette and stealing all the purple and blue.

Can someone write a plugin for Rider so Alt-P triggers PIE in the editor, please? :D

The big hand's nearly at beer, and the little hand's hovering over curry, which means it's time for a dev blog!

Think I've found the limit of Livecoding's ability to patch header changes: structure definitions in an interface header.

Oooh, just noticed, blueprint variables are getting prefixed with LIVECODING when you've made header changes. That's saved me tripping over myself.

Triaging bugs is great! When you don't have to fix them...

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Just seen Mysplaced.

Jesus christ, two people made that?! That's absolutely stunning, they completely nailed it. Seriously seriously impressive.

Really feel for them. They don't deserve the criticism they're getting. The art style will be everywhere in 10 years time...

And they're not the only one stealing from Zelda :D

Tomorrow I’ll be sitting on a call, triaging 200+ bugs… Boo!

Except I’ll be on the publisher side, not the dev-side. Whee!

This might be the first bug triage that I’ll not get stressed about. :D

I'm a big fan of UPROPERTY's EditCondition and EditConditionHides, now that I'm aware of them. Makes BPs so much nicer to work with... But I've not figured out if it's possible to do the same thing with variables in a pure BP?

I could well be missing the obvious...

TIL that you probably shouldn't turn off the Visual Studio plugin in UE5, because, without it, you can't add a C++ file to the project, and it'll resolutely fail to open up a file in Rider when you double click it!

I can't even remember when I turned that off, but it explains why I've not been able to edit files in rider from the editor for a while...