Amazing, windows has shat the bed and my sound card has stopped working. WTAF.

picard s2 

@fuchsiashock it’s not awful but it’s all over the shop. Veers wildly from cheesey fan-service to schlock, with a bit of sci-fi in between.

Picks up at the end so worth sticking with.

@ifixcoinops 100% down for web rings and banners on my personal and company sites. We’ve had a similar conversation among the Thalamus devs, as a quick way to cross promote.

The Dolby Atmos version of Moving Pictures on Apple Music is fucking garbage! Compressed to within an inch of its life, and the low end is distorting. I have no idea how that got released…

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#gemini #programming #C
I'm creating a new Gemini browser in C with Ncurses, named (very creatively) Gemcurses.

It's actually my first project in C, so my code is messy and I'm sure it has a ton of bugs, but it somewhat works!

It requires only Ncurses and OpenSSL libraries.

Feel free to check it out, and tell me what you think and what i need to fix/change/add :)

@Amiga1200Gamer I set it up so my SO and I can have our stuff self-hosted, works a treat for that. Shared Calendar and Notes make life a lot easier :)

@Amiga1200Gamer tbh I really only use the calendar. I did notice that the web interface was a lot smoother.

I massively appreciate the auto delete Toots feature. Hopefully I'll never need to worry about my server getting full...

Had a row, done some yoga, updated various servers, upgraded Masto, Nextcloud & Perforce and I AM DONE.


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Flight and hotel booked for Asm Party!

Can. Not. Wait.

@voltur yeah that’s a good point. It’s bound to be more risk averse.

Picard S3 is supposed to be the last. Looking forward to the rest of TNG getting their outing.

@voltur I hated Discovery and Picard has been all over the shop, but yeah this feels a lot more like it.

It’s head and shoulders better than hugging Q.

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@dwlt I don’t think Paramount have anywhere near enough to convince me to sub.

@dwlt (just googled) apparently Paramount+ when it launches in the UK. Sometime in June?

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