@Fivesprites @RobF Atari 50 is special. Got a go on that a couple of weeks back. Digital Eclipse did a really good job. Got us very excited for the llamasoft collection.

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Made some changes to my static site generator. Post titles should now show up as page titles. Dunno why I missed that at the time, but it might help the crawlers...

Also fixed the broken atom feed on my personal site. Oops :D

Phew, car's back, and I'm now skint...

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Interesting #UnrealEngine repo containing ImGui-based tools. I was writing an actor inspector and wondered if anyone else had done the same... turns out yep, someone has, and way better than anything I would ever make.

I'm going to need to dig into Wren properly, at some point... Try and find some decent examples, and then knock up a toy to kick the tyres of what I've made, but it all feels like it's going to do what I want, once I've got my head around it.

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Spent the afternoon at the garage farting around with Wren and my toy virtual console thing.

Wren's docs are a bit sparse for me -- there's not really a lot of example code, just snippets -- so I was stumbling around fighting against Wren's syntax, but... I managed to work it out. I've got Wren calling C and reading state from my VM...

Need to write some more binding code, but I'm over the hump.

@reidrac :D

I couldn’t have picked a better time! Lol.

@reidrac yeah, it's not been migrated. SSE website bounces to OVO, OVO can't do owt, SSE struggling to do a move in because their system's supposed to go to OVO. Woo!

But, I think I'm there, been on WhatsApp all bleedin' morning, but an account has been setup. Waiting on them to phone me to setup a DD.

What a palava :D

@reidrac ha, it's OVO and Southern Electric I'm caught between. :D

Making slow progress with SSE. They are starting the process to open an account.

@reidrac @glc yeah, you're right, that shoe's gonna drop at some point.

Might actually get some work done tomorrow. Maybe.

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Today's exciting afternoon chore: get new brake pads and discs fitted to my car...

@reidrac @glc it's unbelievable that it's becoming a thing. I had literally no idea.

@glc aye, trying for the shortest path atm just to get an account with someone...

@reidrac nah, apparently not, it short-circuits straight to the new customer flow and then dies. Hilariously bad.

@sinbad makes sense. You gotta have this stuff easily tweakable. I re-write sentences ALL the time. Having it just drop into a DT and be in the game straight away is super important.

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