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Dunno about anyone else, but I am off to the pub.

Top night, catching up with some Llamasofties I’ve not seen in waaay too long!

I could get used to going to pubs again.

Oh no. Just seen. David Ward has passed. One of the first suits in the biz, and one with a big ol' legacy.


Went back to my old barber, and had the works. Good to catch up with them again, and they were genuinely made-up to have an old regular back.

That's one thing I've not found up north, a kick-ass barber. :(

And Jesus Christ I’d forgotten how hard the water is down here. Can actually feel myself solidifying.

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uK Pol 

Phew. It’s reassuringly anti-Tory up here. Good work everyone!

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It's worth running dumpticks in the console occasionally. I had some surprising things ticking away, that either didn't need to, or could have their frequency lowered massively.

Easy to leave those "prefab" BPs tick enabled if you're not careful.

FINALLY went in and removed all the block-copy-code from game modes and level blueprints.

Which turned out to be a massive job, that could have been entirely avoided if I'd not been a lazy bastard for... years.

Anyway, nothing's broke, and now there's less code, but that's a day I could have done without.

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People seems to like crows and ravens (including me :) - and I have more
but I don’t want to be mono-thematic, so this time something completely different. :D Pixelart princess Zelda in Amiga palette (and resolution)
#pixelart #zelda #amiga

uK Pol 

I have put my cross in the Fuck Off Tories box.

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🎉I'm a mentor for @LBMentorship Limit Break 2022!
If you're looking to get into the games industry, or in the industry and want some advice, let me know!
I specialize in programming, UI and #UnrealEngine

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It's cool that you can put .rss on the end of someone's user name and get their posts as an RSS feed, but it'd be even cooler if I could follow an RSS feed and have its posts appear in my feed...

Does that exist already?

It should exist. Would save me writing an activity pub friendly thing to mirror my mixes through...

It's official, I've broken through the 300 mixes barrier!

Enough to keep your ears warm for a couple of weeks, non-stop :)

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In a bit of an Alan Wake mood today, so here's some more #PixelArt for you :) please enjoy!

And if you would like to support me and buy some merch with this art - click this link:

Thank you so much for checking it out! ❤️

#MastoArt #noxp

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#amiga #devlog Refactoring done and it's now moved beyond the PoC. Added wall sliding, and "big exits" so I can make multi-screen rooms. Next I need to add a (sparse) second layer of tiles for some fake-3d effects.

(test tileset, not representative!)

This weeks reading. Bit of a hunt for things to sneak into the game…

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