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Me: "Hi Dell. Unsubscribe me from all your emails"

Dell: "Sure thing! Might take 10 days though..."

Dell: "Here's day 1's email, only another 9 days to go!"

Yesterday's exciting task: I blocked out a whole new level.

Today: I get to dress it, and settle on the final colours.

This is kinda exciting, cos I've only got two more levels to do...

Which reminds me, I need to do the flatpak version...

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Was by far the hardest store to support, as well. Took me *days* to get through all the hoops and get it in there.

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Cancelled my Apple Developer sub.

As far as I can see, in two and a bit years, Cecconoid didn't sell a single copy on the Mac App store :D

So that was worth 79 quid a year...

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Phew. Got yesterday's vlog onto the tubes, just in time for your morning coffee...

Phew. Got yesterday's vlog onto the tubes, just in time for your morning coffee...

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oh fuck yes ; floppotron v3 just got announced

this is not a drill


(if you are wondering wtf a 'floppotron' is, click the link ; its kid friendly

Also, 13 hours to make a 6 minute vlog. It's getting worse... :(

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An no, the umbrella's not going to be in the game.

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So far most of the character's expressions have come from the You Tube thumbnails :D

vlog landing tomorrow...

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Speaking of #basic and #compilers - I just found out about the ZX Basic compiler. Nice if you want to use your preferred OS for writing and cross-compiling code.

#zxbasic #compiler

"oh look, here's another thing that could burn all my time" and yet here I am, staring at the new Horus Heresy boxset...

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The LMN-3 is an accessible, open source DAW-in-a-box. Pretty amazing fully open source project, built with a Raspberry_Pi . Check out this video showing it in action.

I'm seriously starting to hate the amount of time it takes to make a dev vlog...

Vines were peak shameless-self-promotion and you can't convince me otherwise.

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