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Closed the Linux pipe in the steam backend. Deck's gonna be on the Windows build.

Just need to (somehow) detect the deck and automatically jump to the right scalability setting.

Started adding in some material quality switches for the new potato performance spec.

So far I’m only getting rid of the WPO and depth fade stuff. Oh, and the foam on the water. It’ll look a lot little basic, but should run like the wind.

Still need to work out how to do the fog particles at the low end, and LOD all the Niagara systems.

Ages away from having to make a call, but if perf stays like this then I wouldn't ship Linux native. Proton's head and shoulders the better experience, at least on the Deck.

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Best I can get out of Linux native is 55fps, at 50% screen percentage. Which looks like shit, tbh.

The windows build is on med settings, upscaling from 80%. Big ol' difference.

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Solid 60 on the Windows build.

Still need to tweak some visibility distances (visible popping atm), and replace a couple of particle materials, but nothing major.

Hmmm, another thing that seems quite common, at least with my build, is for the first launch of the native build to end up in the background. Steam seems to think it's failed, but I can hear it running.

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Interesting. Perf of Linux native UE5 builds on the Steam Deck is way lower than Windows (through Proton) across the board.

Longer loading times (like, 10x more in some cases) and 2-3x slower rendering performance, even at the lowest scalability settings.

That's not great, given it'll pick Linux over Windows if both are in the channel.

You'll be pleased to know: the steam deck survives falling off desks. 🙄

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oh shit I forgot about International Space Giraffe Day this year! it was Space Giraffe's 15th birthday on August 22nd!! Happy belated birthday, Space Giraffe!!!

UK Monarchy Shite 

Holding signs and heckling Prince Nonce are arrestable offences?

Clear the fucking tower, lads. Gonna be a lot more of that in the coming years.

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Unreal Engine 5 has relatively-hidden new feature:

🔎A new full-text search that indexes assets and their content, and is extensible to search custom assets.

It's like if Content Browser and Find in Blueprints got merged in a transporter accident! Yay!🌠

Ok, so hilariously the Linux Build doesn't do any scaling on the Deck, whereas the windows build appears to drop down automatically to med/high.

So, that perf on the Deck is with Lumen and VSM running, at 100% screen percentage. :D

Frankly, I'm amazed it's running in double digits...

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Er, still digging into this, but on first run the Linux build is 3x slower than the Windows build running under Proton.

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When I was first learning UE I basically went line-by-line through Shooter Game, one of the sample games. A really clear, well written thing, I could grok easily.

Well, just going through Lyra, and it's a step-up. Seriously nice bit of work, with a load of cool toys/tweaks/settings/things to steal.

Found a work around to get Space Giraffe working on the deck, and solved T4K crashing at launch. I’ll add some posts to the Steam Discussion Forums when I get home.

Portable Space Giraffe lads. YUS.

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Just need to persuade a certain goat to fettle the build of Space Giraffe so that’ll run as well…

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*Furious compiling of builds for the Steam Deck sounds*

You'd have thought the Beeb would have waited to roll out the black ties until *after* the death was announced. You know. Play it coy and all that.

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