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So now all I need to do is write the glue code to expose what my my little VC provides...

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First impressions of Wren:

It's tiny. The source drops into a project and compiles cleanly.

There wasn't an obvious example of how to load a module from a file, but it was reasonably straight-forward to work it out.

Took me a little while to grok how to setup a Wren class and call a Tick method in it, from C, once a frame, but there's not much to it.

Everything seems to be clean and does what I'd expect. Genuinely impressed to have got it going from a standing start in a few hours.

@Truck are you situated in the Old School section this year, or elsewhere? Been trying to spot you to say hi!

I'll just see how easy it is to embed Wren...

Oh. Very easy.

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Assembly 2022 summer report, day -1:

There are 2 Amstrads in the assembly area. This is 2 more than I believed were in Finland.

Huuuuuuuuge screen is still huuuuuuge.

Tommorrow is the 30 year anniversary demo celebration. I do hope folks tune in for that. I may have had something to do with it. I will also be talking about it afterward with people. So, you know. Come say hi (virtually if neccesary.)

It will be streamed on Twitch, koska Assembly streams on twitch and has for years and has elite status there.

Does highlight just how run down and tired the UK is right now. :(

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This hits me every time I get back to Helsinki, but my god it's nice to be in a city that's clean, and built for actual people.

And then Finns laugh at me cos there're so many nicer places to live. :D

Big shout out to the 50 people with liquids in their bags at EDI security check.

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Cheeky Vino before the flight? Don’t mind if I do!

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the nova demoparty website has been updated with site and compo information!

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Very thoughtful and undogmatic piece on Emacs, Neovim, VS Code, and what we value in #editors (Approachability, Doing one thing well, Editing efficiency, Extensibility, Freedom...)

Utterly shit drive from Salisbury back to Cumbria, not helped at all by the M6’s stupid average speed zones. Long day was long. :(

Glad I got back to see the Lionesses win. I’m proper emotional now.

Utter legends, every one of them.

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