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Where's Lumo?

Posted: 27 April, 2016

My Desk It's there. On that PC.

Ok, ok. I know we said it would be out by now but a button didn't get pushed. The machine stopped. But the machine's running now and in the delay I noticed that one of the achievements was broken, so phew, at least we didn't live with that...

I'm very very very (very) sorry for the delay. I desperately want-this-out-so-you-can-play-it like you wouldn't believe... I'm quietly stressing that there's some other disaster, or nasty bug lurking around the corner but I think we're good. So, with the wind behind us, we should be out in 2 or 3 weeks. Just don't hold me to that until the press release goes out, yeah?

On the plus side, the delay means we should be in Good Old Games and the Humble Store on day one, so DRM free copies will be available. That's a good thing, innit?

Anyway, sorry sorry sorry. It's on the way. Sorry.


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