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Posted: 01 July, 2016

Strange feeling, but the Lumo adventure is drawing to a close. I've just updated my PC to Windows 10 and I'm in the process of archiving up all the software, source code, assets, documents and miscellaneous paraphernalia that I've accumulated and used over the last 2.5 years making the game.

I recently put out patch 1.06.27 which, I believe, is going to be the last update. There's a tiny little bug I noticed during the Director's commentary that I'd like to fix, but it's not worth a patch for. So, I'll keep an eye out for any reports of obvious game breaking bugs or compatibility issues, but should none arise, that's officially the end of Lumo's development.  Fingers crossed.

It's been a hell of an adventure, dark at times, but ultimately worth it. I've given up a few things in order to be in this position, but the end result is something that I'm proud of. I can look at Lumo and see a game with a good level of polish that does a lot more than I originally set out to achieve. It's bigger than I anticipated, and took longer to make than I hoped, but it got a far wider exposure than I ever dreamed possible and received more than fair critical reactions from the majority of the press. So lots to be thankful for. (The metacritic is exactly where I'd put the game (solid 7/10, maybe an 8/10) and in places some people have fallen head over heels [ahem] for it, with 9s, 10s, Sizzlers and Editor's Choice awards in the mix).

I'm going to take a couple of weeks off now and spend some time with my other half. I have one last Lumo related thing to do (an article that'll hopefully be printed soon) before this chapter's officially closed. And I'm looking forward to starting on the next thing...

So thanks to everyone that's been supporting the game. More news on what's next soon...

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