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"25 Waves of Cecconoid"

Posted: 28 July, 2019

For some reason I'm always busier in the summer. It's been a pattern since the last year of Lumo and 2019 has been no different. I've picked up some great contract work -- so the rent is paid -- but it's not left a lot of time for me to work on my own stuff. 1st World Problems... But it's worked out really well, having the opportunity to look back at Cecconoid and Eugatron with fresh eyes has been fantastic. I've been able to pull them apart, spot issues and tweak stuff to get them much closer to what I was envisaging at the start.

This week I did the "final" balance pass on Eugatron. It's hard. It'll punish you. But it's easier than Robotron, which is my concession to modern gamers. I recorded 25 waves so you can have a look, and then I went back in and made them more difficult. You can thank me later :)

Check out the video on my You Tube Channel


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