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"Wand and Berry"

Posted: 14 January, 2022

Tuesday 11.01.2022

Today I remade the wand room from Lumo. Nearly. I have a few VFX to add, and then some sort of sequence as you collect the wand, but it’s basically there.

I’ve always wanted to know how Lumo would look in UE4, and well, now I know: better.

These are the same textures and models. Only things that’ve changed are the lighting and fog. Amusingly, none of the materials have Spec/Rough/Metal values (Lumo didn’t use PBR until right at the end), so everything here could look significantly better…

But it’s just a joke, and something I wanted to do for my own curiosity… In case I ever do a Lumo Directors Cut… Or 2umo.

Wednesday 12.01.2022

Finished off the wand room, created a new identity pickup, and hooked everything up so the Wand now registers as being collected in the player’s inventory.

On a whim, I thought I’d see how tricky it’d be to create a material that emitted based on distance to the player. With Lumo, each individual object distance checked and set the intensity of the material if the wand was on. In UE I have a few more toys… I’ve set the player’s position in a global Material Parameter Collection, and then everything in the world can update based on that. I can also use MPC to set whether the wand is on, or not. Woo! Much, much nicer…

I’ve got two branches in the material, so I wanna see if there’s a way to turn blocks of material nodes on / off, as that’d be a lot more performant. The materials shouldn’t even process if the wand’s off…

Friday 14.01.2022

Progress was slow today, for a couple of reasons, one of which was constant GPU hangs. I think I might have sussed it; my 2nd monitor is 144hz with AMD Freesync. I turned Freesync off, and dropped down to 120hz and so far I’ve not had any hangs.

Touch wood.

In between reboots I added a Bomb Berry to East Ley and started on the second Illumi-nat location.

I think, for this one, it’ll need illuminating during the day, because Bomb Berries mostly spawn at night. Mostly.

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