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"Lumo Build Updates"

Posted: 08 November, 2016

The Windows 10 Anniversary update caused a lot of weird issues with how gamepads work, leaving Lumo and a bunch of other games with broken controls. I've just pushed out a new build to Steam that should fix most of these problems.

It's been tested with the following pads:

Other joypads should work, but may require you to define your own controller mappings in Settings->Controls. Fight sticks are not directly supported, unfortunately, as many of them don't identify themselves as pads, even though the may map to something like the default Xbox 360 layout (like my SF IV Fight Stick does).

In addition to this I've re-written the redefine controls screen [and back-end], fixing several small issues that have been in there since release.

Other fixes:

Mac and Linux were unaffected by the original bugs but I've put out new versions for all platforms just in-case. DRM free builds are uploading now and should go live in the next day or two.

In addition - if this wasn't bad enough - Playstation 4 owners have been plagued by a save icon corruption for the last month. Withouth going into too much detail (coughUnitycough) I can confirm that the fix for this, on both PS4 and Vita, went live today. Phew :)

Apologies to all affected by these breakages, I know it's been a complete nightmare. :(

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