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Release Day!

Posted: 25 May, 2016

Lumo's out and the reaction from press and public has been great! Phew! That's a massive weight off.

No disasters have been reported, the game seems stable and there's a lot of love for it in certain quaters (my twitter feed was going mental yesterday). That's all I could hope for.

I've tried not to read the reviews - there doesn't seem much point, they can't change anything - But the publisher's been sending me an overview. There're some 9s. A 10. Mainly 7s and 8s, with a few 6s bringing up the rear. That seems fair to me, I'd place it somewhere between a 7 or 8 if I were reviewing it. Happy days :)

Massive thanks to everyone that's bought it, everyone that's reviewed it, or streamed it, or just talked about it on Twitter!

For those of you that haven't, you can buy it on Steam, Good Old Games, Humble or the Playstation Store. Enjoy!

I've got a few live streams to do this week. Eurogamer this afternoon, then Twitch during the early hours of tomorrow morning. Then I guess I'm on holiday...

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