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"East Ley"

Posted: 10 September, 2021

Tuesday 7.09.2021

Last week, when I left for Wales, I was fully intent on coming back and cracking on with the gameplay in Sul, but then I had a crazy idea on the way home... an epiphany about what to do in one of the completely undesigned map areas. So today I roughly blocked out a new map for Stone Henge – mainly to get the henge in scale – which in turn will set the dimensions for East Ley, the area of the map I now have a craving to work on…

There’s not going to be much gameplay in Stone Henge, it’s mainly a hub area, but I'm happy I've finally roughed it out.

Wednesday 8.09.2021

Started blocking out East Ley. Here, have a butchers.

If you want more of these timelapse videos, leave a comment on You Tube. If there's interest then I'll do some more...

Thursday 9.09.2021

I’m teaching again, so my Thursdays are mostly caught up with that. I did start a sculpt for a spooky tree, though. I’m thinking this will be the first thing I do that I don’t retopologise. Nanite’s calling me, baby!

Friday 10.09.2021

Finished off the tree sculpt and dropped it into the new map. I’ll definitely need some variations on this, and I’ll need to decorate them with vines and moss, but for a first go, it’s coming along.

When I did the first house I ended up doing, what I thought at the time, to be a lazy decimation of the high-poly roof tiles. Today that was totally vindicated, as I was able to delete random tiles and create variations of the house with holes in the roof! Yay me for being rubbish two years ago.

Dipped my toe into the colour grading and got a nice, desaturated, kinda sepia thing going on. It’s waaay too early for this, but I want to set the mood…

Spooky :D

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