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Posted: 21 January, 2022

Monday 17.01.2022

Finished off Illumi-nat’s lair in East Ley and got the cut-scene working.

There’s a bit of a problem with it: the player can be at varying locations when they trigger it, but there’s no way (that I’ve yet found) to change the value of a key-frame to take this into account. All the various blend modes make the player lerp in nasty ways.

Best I’ve managed to do, after lots of faff, is to prevent the level sequence binding to the player character if they’re on-screen when it’s triggered.

After that, I basically duplicated everything for the Illumi-nat location in Sul. One nice thing about level sequences? They totally support this. You just need to re-assign the actor references to the tracks on the duplicated sequence and bingo, bongo.

Also started on Bella Midge’s interior. She likes her bugs…

Tuesday 18.01.2022

Finished off Bella’s place. Took a while, but it’s sorta close to what I wanted. Main thing was building a different interior dimension that didn’t show my pants to those using ultra-wide monitors. This should look good at 21:9…

It also meant that I could start work on Keith’s pad. He’s a quest completer, but I don’t think the player’s ever going to come into this location more than once. I’m torn between making it nice and having loads of visual references in it, or just doing something quick, and moving on…

Might do something with the Wand, instead…

Wednesday 19.01.2022

Finished Keith’s place and made a start on the interior for the Observatory. This is another differently shaped interior, so I needed to make everything from scratch. Found a lovely smart material for the chalk board, so I had a bit of fun with that.

Friday 21.01.2022

Finished off the Observatory and made new base classes for the new NPCs. Added their dialog, and got them place-holdered in the game. They’re delivering their lines, but I need Keith to do some additional checks to remember that he’s spoken to the player. I’ll do that next week.

Also spent a couple of hours outlining some additional ideas for dialog that have come to me over the last couple of days. I’ll get these fired over to Dan when I have enough of them to be worthwhile.

I think Sul might come together quite quickly. There’s a fair chunk of new art to make for it, but I think I’ll get through it all reasonably quickly.

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